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We are pleased to announce the Typically Canadian OPFFA Scholarship at the University of Ottawa.

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Cards for Kaiden to Kick Cancer

Hi Kaiden,

We are wishing you the best from across Canada. We have millions of Canadians here who are thinking about you! Stay strong little man and when you get better, I PROMISE to meet you for a tribute ride!

Asthon - Take care of your little brother, make him smile, make him laugh and hug him everyday. I look forward to riding with you as well.

In 2008 we rode with Kaiden, Ashton and his family and we can't wait to ride with Kaiden and Ashton in the near future. 

Who are you riding with? 

-Kyle, Alex, Andrew, Steve and Al

Kaiden and Ashton want to hear from you too! Check out their facebook page and send Cards for Kaiden to Kick Cancer

A Typical Canadian

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A Typical Canadian is not defined by one's background, birthplace, culture, age, or interests.  A Typical Canadian is defined by one's determination, willpower, courage and compassion when faced with adversity such as cancer.

The Typically Canadian Group (TCG) was formed to honour all those who have exemplified the attributes of a Typical Canadian and to rally Canadians in the battle against all cancer.

Our proud supporters:

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